I have been indexing since 2006. Before that I directed the online research division of a public relations firm and was a public librarian for three years. Most of my professional life has been involved in the interplay between information and end-users. That perspective informs my indexing. As a librarian, I saw people struggle with poor indexes or no indexes, and I believe there is an art to balancing the needs of various readers with the space, design, and time limitations of creating an index.

As a generalist, I am comfortable with many types of materials, with special interests in history, education, technology, literary criticism, art, reference works, and cookbooks.


  • MILS, University of Michigan
  • BA, Kalamazoo College
  • USDA Basic Indexing
  • USDA Applied Indexing

Professional Experience:

  • Freelance electronic and back-of-the-book indexing since 2006
  • Editor of a daily news clip sheet on the aerospace and airline industries from 2005-2013
  • Director of MediaQuotient, Hass MS&L, 1999-2005
  • Adult Services Librarian, Highland Township Public Library, 1996-1999

Please contact me if you would like a detailed work history. References and work samples are available on request.

“But how can it have remained so long undiscovered, when there is a sure index to it if men will but take the trouble to look?” Jonathan Harker in Dracula by Bram Stoker.