Recent Projects

Print Works

The Soldiers' Story: An Illustrated Edition by Ron Steinman (Wellfleet Press)

Hello, Android: Introducing Google's Mobile Development Platform (4th ed.) by Ed Burnette (The Pragmatic Bookshelf)

The Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, 5th edition (Gale) Part of a team of indexers.

Israeli Society in the Twenty-First Century: Immigration, Inequality and Religious Conflict by Calvin Goldscheider (Brandeis University Press)

Your Code as Crime Scene: Using Forensic Techniques to Arrest Defects, Bottlenecks, and Bad Design in Your Programs by Adam Tornhill (The Pragmatic Bookshelf)

Healing Corrections: The Future of Imprisonment by Chris Innes (Northeastern University Press)

The Nature of Software Development by Ron Jeffries (The Pragmatic Bookshelf)

The Development of Yoruba Candomble Communities in Salvador, Bahia, 1835-1986 by Miguel C. Alonso (Palgrave Macmillan)

Crossings in Text and Textile ed. By Kathleen Joslin and Daneen Wardrop (University of New Hampshire Press)

Jewish Rhetorics: History, Theory, Practice ed. by Michael Bernard-Donals and Janice W. Fernheimer (Brandeis University Press)

The Parvenu's Plot: Gender, Culture, and Class in the Age of Realism by Stephanie Foote (University of New Hampshire Press)

Essentials of Active Learning in Preschool, 2nd ed. by Ann S. Epstein (High/Scope Educational Research Foundation)

Bohemian Baroque: Czech Musical Culture and Style 1600-1750 by Robert Rawson (The Boydell Press)

Avoiding Corporate Breakdowns: The Nature and Extent of Managerial Responsibility by LaRue Hosner  (Palgrave Macmillan)

Michigan's Historic Railroad Stations by Michael Hodges (Wayne State University Press)


Electronic Works

Yellow Pages content injection. Taxonomy enrichment for the Yellow Pages of Canada.

Education assets indexing. Indexing and tagging of digital assets for textbook publisher. Materials included images, graphs, lessons, and support files. Used natural and controlled vocabularies to index content, format, title, and contributors, among other fields.

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations app (Potomac Indexing, LLC): Part of a team that indexed thousands of quotations for subject, tone, occasion, and emotional content.

Sabin Americana Series and Goldsmiths’-Kress Library (Gale Digital Collections): 18th and 19th century documents on slavery, including letters, reports and monographs. Electronic tagging of cookbooks. Titles include Cuisine Rapide by Jacques Pepin; Summer Cooking by Elizabeth David; Every Day’s a Party by Emeril Lagasse; and Comfort Foods by Rachael Ray.

Canadian primary documents: Indexing of speeches by Canadian Parliamentarians.

Community health links: indexing of a database of community health websites

Curriculum Standards in Language Arts, Science, and Mathematics for Kentucky, New York and several other states

Dictionary of Literary Biography: Work included 16th-Century French Novelists; Booker Prize Novels; and standalone volumes on Raymond Chandler and The House of Putnam, 1837-1872

“But how can it have remained so long undiscovered, when there is a sure index to it if men will but take the trouble to look?” Jonathan Harker in Dracula by Bram Stoker.