A professional indexer since 2006, I provide back-of-the-book, embedded, and database indexing in a wide range of subjects, including history, literary criticism, business, cookbooks, and education. A generalist by nature, my background as a former public librarian helps me anticipate the indexing needs of a wide range of readers.

I am committed to providing quality indexes on time and to your specifications. Each project is unique, however, and I am comfortable finding indexing solutions that work best for you and your text. My rates are reasonable, and I am happy to provide estimates.

I index both traditional back-of-the-book and electronic texts. For embedded indexing, I use XML, Microsoft Word, and InDesign.

For electronic database indexing, I am comfortable learning proprietary systems as needed. Much of my electronic work has involved the extensive use of controlled vocabularies and thesauri.

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Devon Thomas
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Phone: 734-972-5502
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“But how can it have remained so long undiscovered, when there is a sure index to it if men will but take the trouble to look?” Jonathan Harker in Dracula by Bram Stoker.